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The membership dues for the GCKFA are $20 annually plus transaction fees.



GCKFA membership drive:

Dear Fellow Kayak Anglers

When the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association was being formed our leadership looked at “Roberts rules of Order” as guidelines for our “non-profit” / “not for profit” organization. It provided some of the basic rules for organization to follow. These rules are often revised to incorporate new technology like electronic meetings.  We now hold electronic meetings through the use of emails, Facebook, GCKFA web site and telephone calls. We must adapt to the ever changing environment or become extinct as so many organization do.

We are changing our membership requirements effective immediately; Membership dues will be included in our Spring Tournament registration and any other GCKFA sponsored event requiring payment. Our membership dues will remain at twenty dollars per year to expire annually on or about our spring tournament. You can still become a paid member without participating in a GCKFA sponsored event requiring payment.

Those members who have already paid for this year’s membership we know who you are and we can discount your tournament fee for the membership amount or refund your payment via PayPal. Send me an email gckfa@hotmail.com.

As long as we are addressing proposed changes  we discussed in the last Executive board meeting (January 2016), the board voted to utilized the web service “EventBrite” .  This website will perform the task of tournament and membership registration as well as any other event that requires payment. As the web master I was initially opposed to the idea of paying someone else to perform a task that I was providing for free.  But times change and I do not have the time to dedicate to the demanding needs of this task. Some of you may remember the spring tournament registration process for 2012, this was when we first tried  the “EventBrite” services and it worked as advertised. We would like to make this process exclusive so we can have a central point of data collection; they even offer a better method for utilizing your smart phones than what I can provide at this time.

When the EventBrite web pages are complete (to be created by another volunteer), I will make links to them  (membership and tournament registration pages) on our website and they will also be posted on the Facebook Page and Group.

Michael Clubbs
Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association Webmaster


If you experience difficulty please e-mail us .Our website is notified of each and every transaction (PayPal and Membership Application entry), We will verify the information and assist as needed.

P.O. Box 13432
Pensacola, FL 32591





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