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The mission of the GCKFA is to promote the sport of kayak fishing along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and NW Florida. We accomplish this through activities that include kayak fishing tournaments, meetings, clinics and demonstrations.

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2018 Tournament Captains Meeting

The Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association holds the annual Spring Tournament Captains Meeting, Friday June29th at 6:00PM the night before the Saturday tournament on June 30th 2018.

The Captains meeting is a great way to meet your fellow anglers, learn about last minute rule changes and recieve door prizes.

In 2010 we started giving away the "Best Dang Tackle Box". This is a raffle to those who participate by donating a new packaged lure, you will recive a chance to win and a ticket. A ticket will be drawn and the overflowing five gallon bucket of lures could be yours! In 2012 the "Best Dang Tackle Box" had grown into two five gallon buckets full of tackle.

Kayak Raffle; Once again we will offer our Kayak raffle for those of you who would like to upgrade your fleet of kayaks.

Captain’s Meeting: Friday, June 29th, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Captains Meeting Location: Red Fish, Blue Fish Restaurant, 5 Via De Luna Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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Grassy Point Camp-out

The club is planning an overnight fishing trip to the Grassy Point Wildlife Management Area near the Yellow River delta. Grassy Point is located west of Choctaw NOLF off of Hwy 87 in Santa Rosa County.

The primitive campsites provides ready access to the fishing area of Little Catfish and Catfish basins. Redfish,Trout, and Flounder can be found in the marshes, bayous and shallow waters.

  • Weekend of March 10th -11th 2018
  • Weekend of November 10 - 11th, 2018 (TBD)
  • Weekend of March 9th - 10th 2019 (TBD)
  • Weekend of November 2nd - 3rd (TBD)

Hope to see you there!

Click Here for more information.

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Rigging Clinic

With the start of the new year we hold our annual rigging clinic to help new kayak anglers add, modify, or remove items to/from their kayaks to aid them in the pursuit of the perfect fishing kayak.

Bring your yaks and any rigging projects you have. Take advantage of the experience of others.

If your yak is fully rigged, bring it to show off. Seeing how others have rigged their yaks is half the fun.

Also, if you have yak gear to sell or swap, bring it and we can set up a barter station.

Location: ACADEMY on Davis Hwy, Pensacola, FL.
Time: April 15th, 2017 from Noon-4pm


About Us

In the Beginning:

PRESS RELEASE: Pensacola, FL - January 1, 2006 - As one of the fastest growing sports in the country, kayak fishing offers anglers a new way to access inshore and near-shore fishing spots. There is no other experience quite like it. Kayakers hear the nearby baitfish activity, they see things right
at the surface of the water. They can go into shallow water where the fish are and where most
boats cannot follow. The kayak fisherman is only inches above the surface of the water as he
silently stalks his prey, presents his lure and with the zing of the drag he is off on a "Gulf
Coast Sleigh Ride." Kayak fishing is an exciting water sport that is relatively cheap, easy to
get started, requires no fuel or motor and is a remarkably effective way to catch fish!

The Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association (GCKFA) is a new not-for-profit organization
focused on promoting this exciting sport throughout the NW Florida and South Alabama area.
Activities planned for 2006 include hosting a kayak fishing tournament, rigging workshops,
social gatherings centered on the sport and, of course, fishing.

Newcomers and experienced "yak fishermen" are all welcome to join the GCKFA and take
part in all events. For those who are interested but want to learn more before entering the
sport, the GCKFA offers a website full of kayak fishing resources and information. A gallery
of photos from recent fishing trips will give visitors a visual taste of what they can expect
once they wet their paddle and lure.

"What started three months ago as a disparate group of area kayak fishermen looking for
colleagues on the water has quickly grown into an organized club with the potential to expand
rapidly. It is apparent that there are already a lot of people in the area fishing from kayaks and
undoubtedly many more that would be interested once they see how much fun it is.", says
Ferd Salomon, President of the GCKFA. "We have members from Mobile to Destin." Kayak
fishing is growing in popularity all over the U.S., wherever there are fish to be caught on rod
and reel.

Fellowship, promotion of the sport of kayak fishing, sharing ideas, frequent fishing trips and
safety are the focus of this new club. If you are looking for the hot new water sport, check it

Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association Constitution / By-laws



October 2013 Press Release


ALL GCKFA Members:

Hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying your time on the water! The cooler temperatures
mean fall is here, but the fishing is still red hot! The GCKFA is busy - our monthly social get-togethers are well-attended, the Columbus Day Boondoggle at Big Lagoon State Park is wrapping up as I type this, our semi-annual camp out to Grassy Point on Blackwater Bay is only two weeks away and we are about to start planning for our 9th annual kayak fishing tournament next May. The reason we are writing is to let you know that we have been discussing the need to expand our decision-making group and get more people involved in the leadership of the club. For this, we need to change our Constitution / By-laws and we are seeking your approval to do that.

Attached to this press release is a draft of our Constitution and By-Laws that have been rewritten to
acknowledge and accommodate some changes since the club was first founded in 2005. If
approved, they will go into effect November 15, 2013. Significant changes:

  • Separation of the single Media Director / Webmaster position on the Executive
    Committee into 2 separate positions. Brandon Barton is currently serving as Media Director
    and co-founder Mike Clubbs is working as the Webmaster. The Media Director is an
    elected position, the Webmaster is appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • Board of Directors. Previously, the club’s officers served as the Executive Committee and
    made almost all of the decisions for the club. We would like to expand our membership in
    the decision-making process and get more people actively involved by establishing a Board
    of Directors. The Board of Directors will include the members of the Executive Committee
    plus others as elected by club members. The Board will be charged with approval of all
    major decisions for the GCKFA while the Executive Committee will provide the strategic
    direction for the GCKFA.

Board Candidates. The Executive Committee has selected and interviewed two candidates for
election to the Board of Directors - Louis Anderson and Matthew Vann. A short bio for Louis and Matthew is included.

Your vote is needed - we need 50% plus 1 of all active GCKFA members to vote:

  • Item 1. Approve / disapprove changes to the GCKFA Constitution and By-Laws
  • Item 2. Approve / disapprove election of Louis Anderson to the Board of Directors
  • Item 3. Approve / disapprove election of Matthew Vann to the Board of Directors

We encourage you to read the attached documents. A ballot will be emailed to our members we request that you please forward/ reply with your email vote on the 3 items to
GCKFA@hotmail.com by Friday, November 1st.

The club and its leadership team can only succeed if the entire membership remains active and
assists the leadership in moving the club in the right direction. We will look forward to hearing
from all of you.


Jay Kania, President, GCKFA


Proposed updates to the GCKFA Constitution and By-Laws



August 2012 Press Release

Greetings from the newly elected GCKFA officers, :

This month we held our first election to offer relief to the originating and founding club officers, with a changing of the guard.  As a result of the elections we are proud to announce some statistics from the ballot. We sent out 74 ballots, with 44 members voting, the magic number of a quorum was 38. Establishing the requirements for a legal and binding vote our members unanimously voted YES on all issues with zero No votes returned. Thank you for participating in this voting experience, we are looking forward to working more closely with the GCKFA members in the future. The ballot with discussions included the following items.

Nominate new GCKFA club officers

  • President: Jay
  • Vice President: Doug
  • Treasurer: Benny
  • Secretary: Taylor
  • Media Director: Brandon
  • Webmaster: Michael

Update the GCKFA Constitution and By-Laws

  • Separate the office of Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Add an Advisory Board.
  • Increase the membership dues to $30.00 per year (with a Jan 1st renewal date).

We have adopted a new membership program for the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association (GCKFA). After much discussion and careful consideration we the Executive Members recommended a slight increase in the membership fee. Upon conclusion of a membership vote our members approved the increase to $30.00 per year with an annual renewal date of January 1st of each year. Your membership fees go to maintaining the website, providing funds for club events, along with helping to organize and run our annual tournament. Even though we have been in operation for since 2006 this is an important change to our by-laws that directly benefits the GCKFA members with what they get in return for their membership dues.

On Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of August we teamed up with some of our sponsors Hotspots Bait and Tackle, Miller Lite, Flounders, and many other sponsors for offering another tournament to the kayak fishermen in the area. The Miller Lite Kayak and Paddle Board Torunament brought in some big fish off of kayaks and you may view the details at http://www.kayakpensacolabeach.com/ .We would like to add a special thanks to Chris Phillips and his staff for all the hard work they put forth to promote kayak fishing in the greater Pensacola area.

We look forward to working with our friends, sponsors and members of the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association to build a kayaking community that others would be attracted to, further promoting the sport we all love.

This year we redesigned our website. We are always looking for information and articles to share with our members. We officially retired our forum and embraced Facebook establishing a Group and a Page. These two points of presence on Facebook offer our members a place to post images, and text but they offer these in a slightly different method with unique capabilities. We encourage you to visit both of our face book locations and our website for GCKFA kayaking information. One of the many things we have accomplished during this first week of office was establishing an independent mailing address for the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association.

Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association
PO Box 10688
Pensacola, FL 32524

Thank you for your continued support and we are anticipating another great year - the sport of kayak fishing continues to grow and the GCKFA will be at the forefront of the action in NW Florida!

Jay Kania

President, Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association
email : admin@gulfcoastkayakfishing.com


Team Bio:

personel bio pic GCKFA President: Jay



personel bio pic GCKFA Vice President: Doug




personel bio pic GCKFA Secretary: Amanda



personel bio pic GCKFA Treasurer: Benny




personel bio pic Media Director : Brandon



personel bio pic (2006-2012, GCKFA President) Advisory Committee : Ferd



personel bio pic (2006-2012, GCKFA Vice President) Advisory Committee: Ted



personel bio pic

(2006-2013, GCKFA Web Master & Media Director ) Webmaster: Michael






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Latest News

  • GCKFA Early (Discounted) Tournament Registration Ends - June 1st, 2018.
  • GCKFA Online Tournament Registration Ends - June 26th, 2018.
  • GCKFA Tournament Captains Meeting - June 29th, 2018.
  • GCKFA 13th Annual Spring Tournament - June 30th, 2018.
Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association
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